Monday, November 30, 2009

Naturalist Profile: Frank DeBlasio

NJ Outdoors was fortunate enough to be able to interview Frank DeBlasio, life-long New Jersey resident and wildlife photographer. Check out the short interview below along with some of Frank's photographs.

What are your favorite areas of the state to visit?
My favorite part of NJ is Sussex County in the spring & fall. The Jersey Shore in the summer.

What are some of your favorite outdoors activities?
I love hunting, fishing & photography in New Jersey.

How did you first become interested in nature/wildlife photography (or photography in general)?
I have always carried a camera around since I was a child - you never know what you will see out there.

Do you have any favorite subjects (certain birds, mammals, etc)?
I think that the Wild Turkey is my favorite to photograph, but I love to photograph all wildlife. White-tailed deer and hawks are high on my list. I also like to photograph sports - especially football.

Any advice for novice photographers out there who might be reading this?
I am NOT a professional by any means. I am always learning. With wildlife you have to put a lot of time in. Even in a zoo it's not that easy to get the right shot. But in the wild it's much harder. You have to get to know where the animals & birds are at certain times ff the day, year, etc. Sometimes I wear camo, use calls, whatever it takes. Just learn your camera & get out there ! ! !

All photographs (c) Frank DeBlasio

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