Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sage Thrasher moves on

Prior to this week, only three known Sage Thrashers had ever visited the Garden State. On Tuesday, Sandy Hook welcomed the fourth.

Bob Devlin (c) 2009

The range of the Sage Thrasher is mostly contained with the American south-west. It is not known to breed, migrate, or winter east of the Mississippi River, so finding one on the Atlantic Coast was quite a sighting. With no sightings as of 7pm on Friday, it appears that the lost bird has moved on, possibly to try and find his way home.

Let's all remember that these birds are often stressed and should be given plenty of space. If you are approaching too closely and it is affecting the behavior of the rarity, you should take a few steps back until the bird seems to calm down. Most of you know this, so please pass it along to those who don't seem to! Thanks, and good birding!

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cindyzlogic said... bird!! Great capture!