Tuesday, October 21, 2008


As a lifelong NJ resident, I have been able to experience the vast and wonderful diversity that the Garden State has to offer. The state offers a taste of everything, from the Atlantic Ocean to the unique Pinelands ecosystem and from the highlands and mountains to the bird migration mecca known as Cape May. There is much more to the state than the Turnpike and tomatoes.

For those of you reading this that reside in NJ, you may already know of some great spots and activities. I hope we can help each other enjoy the outdoors. Please do not hesitate to share this information with me and with others. Feel free to email me or comment on this blog with any upcoming events and or interesting sitings.

For those new to the state, or outside of it, I hope you will find this blog interesting, insightful, and most importantly helpful! There is a wealth of natural wonder to enjoy both in NJ and elsewhere.

I will be writing about birds and birding, the ecology and ecosystems of the state, as well as anything that has to do with being outside in New Jersey. That includes but is not limited to hiking, bird-watching, herping, visiting road-side farmer's markets, strolling around Cape May, and much more.

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